Earthship Site Plan

I went through 4 different Architects and only used one set of local engineers ( I am happy to share my advice on how to develop your site.

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You first step is to take a picture of some plans into the building department of the town that you hope to build in (before you buy the land) and ask the chief building official if you got stamped plans from an Architect and a Structural Engineer and a Mechanical Engineer would they allow you to build the earthship.

This is what I did in Collingwood and so far the town has been great to work with and open to supporting my project.




Collingwood Earthship
Collingwood Earthship Site Plans
Earthship Floor Plan
Earthship Floor Plan










After meeting with the local building department they said as long as I could get stamped plans that they were cool with me building an Earthship in Collingwood.