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The goal of this Earthship Canada page is to link up all of the earthship projects across Canada, so that knowledge can be shared and people can learn how to get involved to learn how to build their own.

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The Port Dover Earthship owed by Craig and Connie Cook

Oct 10th 2012 “Earthships have landed in Canada” This is a great write up with pictures of the Port Dover Ontario Earthship  I have not found their web page

The Land Project is promoting two Eco villages currently one in Ontario and one in British Columbia. You can get involved in one of these projects or start your own project and promote it on this site! They are promoting all types of off the grid construction; Earthships, Straw Bail, Cob, Tree Houses know as Free Spirit Spheres.

There is an active Meet Up Group in Ottawa . . .


I think this project is in Quebec. Great Pictures and good information sharing here too!

A Quebec Facebook page to be followed .


Dec 2012 they got their roof on in time for Christmas! Really good: pics, budget and site plans on this web page!


Dec 25th 2012 Chris Newton and Sandra  Burkholder of Darfield British Columbia moved in for their first night in their earthship which they started in the spring of 2009. To see more details visit their web page at

Another Good Link for Earthships in Canada

A similar site that is doing this same thing for projects that they are involved with is

This is the Earthsip Biotecture Site, based in Taos New Mexico Micheal Reynolds and his team is leading the way in testing and further developing Earthship Construction techniques.